This month's Chapter Board spotlight features our wonderful President, Duane Theleman.  


Duane has a varietal background spending 13+ years in the telecommunications industry where at the tail end of that tenure, he was certified as a Telecommunications Project Manager (TPM).  After that, Duane spent some time with a local IT Systems Integrator and then 7+ years in Healthcare IT as a project manager.  Currently, Duane leads a small Project Management Office (PMO) at Binghamton University in the Information Technology Services area.  He earned his PMP certification in 2010 and continues to love learning and networking with other project professionals.


Duane's first stint with the PMI Binghamton Chapter Board was as the Director at Large and Corporate Officer.  From there, he served two years as the Communications Manager and most recently in his fourth year as President of the PMI Binghamton Chapter.  Duane chose to run for the President's postion because he felt that he had gained enough knowledge of PMI and the Chapter through his initial positions and  by attending PMI conferences.  During this time, Duane realized a level of experience and confidence to be able to tackle some of the initiatives we were looking to put in place, including moving to a new/better website platform, revising our chapter bylaws and advancing us to begin to hold electronic elections for board positions.  Duane continues to lead our Binghamton Chapter in marvelous ways with his mild-mannered style and poise.


Hear what Duane has to say on his advice for us:

'Look for ways to get involved with the Binghamton Chapter.  There are so many opportunities available if you look for them.  In addition to meeting great local project professionals and developing those relationships and friendships, I've been lucky enough to be able to travel to multiple North American Leadership Institute Meetings (NA LIM) that exposed me to project professionals from across the U.S. and around the world.  Prior to COVID, I attended LIMs in Chicago, Los Angeles and Philadelphia, as well as the PMI Regional LIM in Detroit and Orlando.  I most recently returned from the PMI Global Summit in Las Vegas.  The many levels of involvement include local networking opportunities, local chapter meetings and through more advanced involvement as a board member potentially travelling to large events nationally.  Good Things Happen When You Get Involved With PMI!'