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The 6 Types of Working Genius

The basic concept of “Working Genius” is that there are 6 types of work that happen in any project: Wonder, Invention, Discernment, Galvanizing, Enablement, and Tenacity (resulting is the acronym WIDGET). Research by The Table Group has revealed that most people have 2 of these areas that are their happy place, i.e. the “geniuses”, 2 areas of competency, and 2 areas that are frustrations. Individuals and teams find their greatest productivity, success, and satisfaction when people can work mostly in their genius and competency, and limit the time spent operating in their frustration areas.

The presentation will introduce attendees to the core philosophies of the nature and stages of work, overview the 6 genius areas and their contributions to successful teams, and help leaders learn how to apply this knowledge about themselves and their teammates to overall higher effectiveness. Specific application of group assessments in the form of a “team map” will also be demonstrated.

The Table Group has developed an assessment to help individuals identify their geniuses, competencies, and frustrations, available at www.workinggenius.com. The assessment costs $25 per person.

Unleashed Potential™ is a certified practitioner in the Working Genius model and have applied it with great impact in multiple organizations to increase leader effectiveness, and team productivity and morale.

About our Speaker:  Ron Crawford, Unleashed Potential Consulting


Leadership Development expert Ron Crawford works with individuals and organizations to create an environment where leadership skills are unleashed to fulfill their maximum potential.  A popular keynote speaker and leadership trainer, Ron is recognized for his practical knowledge and direct applicability of concepts to today’s business environment.  Focusing on key tenets of empathy, integrity, inclusion, and building trust, Ron coaches individuals and teams to be the leaders we need today.

After a 33+ year career with Lockheed Martin, in which 25+ years were in leadership roles, and 13+ years were spent running a leadership development program, Ron joined Unleashed Potential in 2020 as Director of Consulting Services.  With a specific focus on helping small and mid-size businesses develop their leaders and expand their success, Ron brings a passion and energy to his presentations and mentoring.  He has a broad portfolio of expertise and offerings including core leadership principles, ethics and integrity, and generational diversity and inclusion.

Ron’s practical experience and down-to-earth humor compels audiences to laugh while they learn. An accomplished storyteller, Ron takes important concepts out of the theoretical realm and turns them into something practical and applicable. Ron is passionate about people, leadership, and making leaders and their businesses, successful.  

When not speaking, teaching, or mentoring, Ron can be found spending time in his hometown of Chenango Forks NY with his wife Janet, or his grandchildren. 

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Partnering with the Southern Tier Red Cross Chapter for two impactful events:


  • Volunteers from our PMI-Binghamton chapter community will meet with our local Red Cross to explore how PMI practices can further enhance their operations. This collaboration presents an excellent opportunity to apply our project management skills in a meaningful way, helping the Red Cross optimize their life-saving efforts. Further details about this event will be announced as we finalize the dates and coordination between our two groups.
  • Join us for an act of kindness as PMI-Binghamton hosts a BLOOD DRIVE on July 2nd. Our goal is to demonstrate the strength of our community by not only meeting but surpassing the minimum requirement of 25 donors and aiming for 50 donations. Whether you're a seasoned donor or considering your first time, come together to support those in need. Feel free to bring a friend or family member to donate alongside you—every additional donor helps save more lives!

Email today, pledging to donate to meet our ambitious goal and help the Red Cross ensure they have sufficient staff available  Email: Pres@pmi-binghamton.org

We have scheduled this Red Cross blood donation on the #RedCrossBloodApp at the Binghamton U ITC located at 85 Murray Hill Road, Vestal.  Join us to help save lives. https://redcrossblood.app.link/blooddrive-6637bd92ecb9d/13850



The PMI Binghamton Chapter hosts monthly member meetings. Guest speakers present varying topics of interest to the project management community. 

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